ILRI-Ethiopia hostels

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Welcome to the ILRI campus in Addis Ababa. We hope to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

We strive to be a ‘green’ campus so please help us by recycling paper, glass and plastic in the containers provided. Please also conserve water, electricity, and Internet bandwidth – they are scarce in this part of the city.

About your room

Water: Bottled water will be provided int he rooms for drinking. Tap water is adequate for personal hygiene needs. Extra water is stored in the bucket in the bathroom in case of any interruption in the water supply.
Laundry: We provide a laundry service (no dry-cleaning) and can do a moderate amount of washing for you. Please complete the form provided in your room and place clothing in the plastic bag provided. The room steward will collect the bag each morning (except Sundays). Laundry will be returned within 48 hours. Please do not submit items for laundering less than two days before your departure.
Room service: ILRI room stewards clean rooms each morning.
Room key: Please keep your room key with you at all times. Should you lose your key or leave it inside the Hostel room, please contact the Front office. After office hours, contact the Security Office Tel 2700 or the Zebu Club staff.
Personal items: Please keep your belongings locked up. Valuables can be kept in the safe at the Housing Office. ILRI is not responsible for valuables left in your room.
Guests: Guests other than residents of ILRI campus and ILRI staff are not permitted in hostel rooms. Hostel residents can entertain guests in the Zebu Club.
Repairs and maintenance: If something needs fixing, please complete the maintenance form and give it to the Housing Office. For urgent jobs, contact the Housing Office (during office hours), or the Security Office (ext. 2700) (after office hours).
Telephone: Housing Office will provide you with pin code that enables you to make local and international calls.
Electric supply: Ethiopia uses 220 volts 50 cycles AC. Please contact the Housing Office if you require an adapter.
Internet: All public spaces – including the cafeteria and Zebu Club, have free wireless.There is a cybercafe which works until mid-night. The hostel room have cabled internet connection on top of the wireless. Please see the instruction in the folder how to connect or contact Housing office for any assistance.
Currency: The local currency is the Birr, made up of 100 cents and available in denominations of 5, 10, 50 and 100. All Foreign exchange transactions must be made at a bank or large hotel and receipts must be obtained and retained for your departure ( it may be required by officials at the airport). The Wegagen Bank branch on campus provides foreign exchange services 08:00–12:00 and 13:30–16:30, Monday through Friday and 08:00–11:30 on Saturdays. Note that you are not allowed to leave the country with more than Birr 200 in local currency.
Hostel charges: Room charges should be paid at the Housing Office between 08:30 and 17:00 on weekdays. Bills must be paid in US dollars, Euro or Pound Sterling cash. Personal cheques is not accepted. Visa card is accepted.
Cafeteria: ILRI operates a cafeteria service for staff and hostel residents. All meals should be paid for in cash (Birr). If you cannot pay your bill in cash, please sign the bill and settle it at the cafeteria before you leave ILRI.

Meals are served at the following hours:
Breakfast: 07:15–08:15
Lunch: 12:15–13:15
Dinner: 19:00–20:00, if sufficient demand
Otherwise at Zebu Club

Saturday, Sunday and holidays
Breakfast: 07:30–09:30
Lunch: 13:00–14:00, at Zebu Club
Dinner: 19:00 – 20:00, if sufficient demand

Otherwise at Zebu Club
Breakfast: 0730 – 0930 Breakfast Room/Cafeteria
Lunch: 1300 – 1400 Zebu Club
Dinner: 1900 – 2000 Executive Dining Room*

Light meals and snack are available at the Zebu Club from 17:00–21:00
Meeting facilities: Our conference facilities are available at competitive prices to partner organizations, including UN organizations, other intergovernmental organizations and NGO’s involved in activities in line with ILRI’s mandate.

Depending on our needs, we can provide LCD projectors, flip charts and stands, display boards, microphones, video-links, etc. Consumables such as flip chart paper, photocopies, etc. will be charged at cost.
Transport: Transport from/to the airport and visits within Addis can be arranged at a charge, based on vehicle availability. If you wish to go into town, please contact the Transport Office (ext. 2380) for assistance.
Security: Should any security problem arise during your stay, please notify the security Office with Ext 2703/2700 or Direct +251 11 646 2517 or mobile +251 911 412556.