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Places to visit in Addis Ababa

Every city has some special places. These are some that we want to share with you:

National museum: if history is your thing, then see the bones of Lucy, one of the continents oldest women, found in the Ethiopian Rift Valley.

Sheraton hotel: when you need a taste of luxury and hang the cost, then a visit to the Sheraton is for you. Enjoy the heated pool and gym or head the other way for the pastries, restaurants (great Indian or Italian food), bar or disco night club (Gazlight).

Fresh air: take a minibus (from the Arat Kilo area, probably with one change) up to Entoto mountain, above the city.

Shopping: do not miss a visit to the local handicraft shops with a wide choice of souvenirs at very affordable prices from local gold and silver (Piazza, Dembel City in Bole road, Haile Selassie in Churchil road), leather jackets, handbags and custom made clothes/accessories (Konzo, Kenaff and others at major shopping centers: Dembel City in Bole road, Friendship building in Bole road, Lucy Old airport, Stadium area), wood, Ethiopian crosses, pottery and wool crafts (Haile Selassie in Churchill road, main post office area, Old airport, Hilton Hotel shops), beautiful scarves for different pockets (main Post office area, Suzanne Old airport, Dembel City in Bole road) or just a myriad of cotton and local fabrics and clothes near Entoto mountain in the Sheromeda market (just after the American embassy) and not to miss, the famous Ethiopian roasted coffee and Kollo (snack made of roasted wheat or barley). For very special, expensive but unique shopping a visit to the St. George art gallery is a must (near the Sheraton hotel) with exquisite jewelery, furniture, fabrics, unique frames, boxes and mirrors.

Around Addis: if you have a day to spare, there are a lot of places to visit within 1-2 hours drive from town. To name justs a few: Menegasha forest (off Jimma road), Debrazeit (with seven lakes and a few nice spots to visit: Kuriftu Spa and restaurant, family restaurant), Nazareth, Debra Lebanos, Wenchi crater lake, old church ruins behind the Belgian embassy (not far from ILRI by taxi), Adadi Maryam rock hewn church from 12th century started by King Lalibela and the nearby Melka Kunture archaeological site were many pre-historic remains were found and an excellent visitor center was recently established (off Butajira road).

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