Living on the ILRI-Ethiopia campus

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Useful information for new residents:

  • Furniture and hospitality kit: When you arrive in your new house on the ILRI campus, your house will be fully furnished by ILRI (bed(s), lamps, fridge, stove, table(s), chairs, television, phone, etc.). ILRI will also provide you with a hospitality kit that includes towels, sheets and basic equipment for the kitchen. During the first few weeks after your arrival you are allowed to make use of the hostels laundry service since you will probably not have your own washing equipment yet. The hospitality kit should be given back to ILRI as soon as possible. In contrast, when your own shipment arrives you are allowed to keep whatever furniture you want to keep and give back to ILRI whatever furniture you want to give back to ILRI during your stay in one the houses on the campus. For more information please contact mister Admassu from the housing and catering office (phone number Ext: 2600 / 2807).
  • Garden maintenance: In principle the ILRI gardening staff is responsible for watering and taking care of of the flowers and for mowing and watering the grass both in your front and back yard. Of course, nothing is compulsory and you are free to take care of your garden yourself. If you would like to do so, please discuss this with the head of gardening, Mathias. However if you wish to grow your own vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc. this is your own responsibility and if you do not want to take care of this yourself you could hire your own gardener to help you with this.
  • Garbage: ILRI campus staff are regularly collecting the garbage of campus residents. Normally, next to your house you will find 2 bins. One bin is for plastic and glass and the other one for the other waste. If you buy drinks in glass bottles at the Zebu club, please return them to the club once they are empty.
  • Supermarket: There is a nice little supermarket just next to the gate outside of the campus.
  • Phone numbers campus residents: A list with the phone numbers of all campus residents is available at the housing office of the campus.
  • Wood for the fire place: Some of the residences on the campus are equipped with a fire place. Some times wood for the fireplace is available on the campus. For more information please contact Mathias, the head of gardening.